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The National Borehole Drilling Programme which is aiming to drill up to 35 000 boreholes across all provinces by 2025 was launched in Chitungwiza last Friday.

The scheme is being implemented by the president’s office in partnership with Prevail International whose chief executive, Tempter Paul Tungwarara is also the president of the Zimbabwe Youth Presidential Support Organization. Prevail International is based in the United Arab Emirates.

Chitungwiza was the first beneficiary of the initiative on Friday which is aimed at eradicating the perennial water challenges. This comes as the prevailing dry spell has sparked drought fears in the country.

Speaking at the drilling ceremony, Tungwarara said he was happy to be working with the praesidium to ensure that there was a long-term plan to ensure clean water was available to all provinces.

“We are very grateful and feel honoured to be working with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s office on this important initiative. Water is among the vital substances on earth that are needed for the survival of plants, animals, and human beings. There are other uses of water that are relevant to society. We are looking forward to having this programme spread around the country led by the President’s office,” he said.

Tungwarara said the borehole drilling programme was in line with the country’s economic blueprint, the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1), which charts policies, institutional reforms and national priorities needed between 2021 and 2025 to attain an upper-middle-income economy under Vision 2030.
National Borehole Drilling Programme Lunched in Chitungwiza
National Borehole Drilling Programme Lunched in Chitungwiza
“We have a number of billionaires coming up to support the project to fulfil the vision of the President,” said Tungwarara

As part of promoting the economic development agenda, the Second Republic is rationalising the 14 priority areas in the NDS1 and implementing them in a phased approach to derive maximum benefits. The borehole drilling programme is expected to spur the empowerment of rural women and the youths as well as support projects that promote food security.

Chitungwiza had become synonymous with dry taps and poorly managed sewer systems in the last two decades owing to the collapse of an efficient reticulation system. The repercussions have weighed heavily on residents.

ZANU PF St Mary’s Candidate, Nobert Jinjika alluded to improved service provision as the second republic’s trump card.

“We want to thank the President and Prevail International for this project. We have at least 20 boreholes to be drilled here, this is for everybody not partisan, so we want to keep supporting the President so that he brings such services to the people and we will be able to reach his vision. They might not suffice but will go a long way,” he said.

St Mary’s Constituency has perennial water challenges among a myriad of shoddy services delivered by local authorities serving close to 100 000 people, hence the ruling party’s move to step in. dailynews.co.zw

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