Borehole Submersible Borehole Pump Supply and Installation Services in Harare

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With over 10 years of experience, Harare Boreholes can help borehole customers either have a completely new private water supply system or make the most of their existing borehole.

Harare Boreholes - Borehole Drilling in Harare has significant experience in designing submersible water pump and surface pumping systems whether working with our own borehole installations or those provided by third parties.

Following borehole drilling, and where necessary yield testing, Harare Boreholes - Borehole Drilling in Harare will design the appropriate pumping system to suit the client’s requirements. The characteristics of the borehole and available groundwater along with the needs of the end-user in terms of flow rate and delivery pressure will all be taken into account during the design process.

Working to the highest standards Harare Boreholes - Borehole Drilling in Harare will complete the construction of a borehole to our own specification and where necessary the client’s derived specification. All connections to new and existing water delivery pipework will then be made.

Types of Borehole Installations:

The best way to explain what you can do with a borehole is to explain the types of systems you could have and use from it. Below you will find some common types of borehole systems and a description of that specific system. It does not reflect every scenario or system and if a system is not mentioned below and you want more information please get in touch with us and we will happily help and advise you as much as possible.

Basic Garden System:

This is usually a borehole pump installation which includes piping, cabling, electrical switchgear up to a tap at the top of the borehole. The water can be used for watering the flowers, washing cars, small scale irrigation and general use around the yard.

Irrigation System:

This system can be as small as the basic system above or as complex as 40-50 automatic zones in the garden or grounds. This system has a pump down the borehole, a tank above or on ground level with a boosted pressure system. There is a float switch inside the tank which turns the borehole pump on or off automatically. 

The boosted pressure system is controlled either by a pressure switch or by an irrigation system controller which could have numerous amounts of zones with pop up irrigation water heads or drip hoses. This type can be used in a small garden to a large golf course or vineyard/farm. The water is generally used for irrigation. You can use the water for washing cars and general use around the yard.

Full Drinking Water Systems:

As with all the other systems this can be used for irrigation, washing cars and general water uses but with the added benefit of having filters to enable you to use the water for all your household water needs. Some may think “err I would not drink that” but before you say it just think where your mains water supply comes from? Dams, Rivers or Lakes. Instead of taking contaminants out of the mains' water, suppliers add chemicals to neutralise the contaminants. 
Borehole Submersible Borehole Pump Supply and Installation Services in Harare
Borehole Submersible Borehole Pump Supply and Installation Services in Harare
With a small private water supply, we will always specify filtration based on a water test which we do once the borehole has been drilled. Some test results will show that an iron filter is required to make the water safe but most just require a sediment filter and ultraviolet filter to kill the bacteria, meaning nothing has been added, only taken out. That leaves you with pure mineral, spring water which most of our customers will enjoy, tasteless and odourless pure, clean water. You will notice the horrid taste of mains water once you have been on pure water for a few weeks. 

We try to explain a borehole to be much like having solar panels installed, you will start to get payback straightaway by means of no water bills, no hosepipe bans and mineral spring water. It is the norm to have complete payback within 2-4 years for a small domestic system but a large commercial system will see payback within 3 years. It is an investment that adds an asset to any property or business.

Bottling or Distributing Drink Water:

If you are intending to bottle the natural mineral water from your borehole or you are going to be supplying the water to a community of other people such as neighbours then you must have a full drinking water test conducted once a year to ensure the water is safe for the human consumption or use. We are able to maintain and ensure your water quality remains safe by assisting you to have your water tested annually and your filtration serviced regularly.

Borehole water supplies are a significant form of water supply throughout the country, especially in rural locations.

At Harare Boreholes - Borehole Drilling in Harare we are aware of how dependent our customers are on their borehole water supply and we’ve spent considerable time helping both new and existing customers manage and make the most of their private borehole water supply.

When it comes to the installation or ongoing maintenance of a private borehole water supply, call Harare Boreholes - Borehole Drilling in Harare for a professional service second to none.

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Harare Boreholes focuses on offering Borehole Drilling Services in the four districts of Harare Province and these are Harare Urban, Harare Rural, Chitungwiza, and Epworth.
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Harare Boreholes focuses on offering Borehole Drilling Services in the four districts of Harare Province and these are Harare Urban, Harare Rural, Chitungwiza, and Epworth. Harare Boreholes
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