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Residents of Epworth have hailed President Mnangagwa’s Presidential Borehole Drilling Scheme which seeks to provide clean water to urban areas after successive opposition-led councils failed to deliver clean water to residents.

The residents had two boreholes drilled in Mgagao and Komboni Yatsva districts.

The boreholes were handed over by Young Women for Economic Development as part of their efforts to empower women through the provision of clean water.

Mrs Enia Mabika said they were grateful for the scheme as it will go a long way in easing the burden of walking long distances in search of clean water.

“We are happy with what the Young Women for Economic Development have done. They have brought us water. We have serious water challenges and these boreholes are going to help us a lot,” she said.
Epworth Hails President Mnangagwa's Borehole Drilling Scheme
Epworth Hails President Mnangagwa's Borehole Drilling Scheme
Another resident, Mrs Linda Malunga said the provision of boreholes will also help in reducing disease outbreaks.

“We have disease outbreaks because of lack of clean water because we live in a place where there is a serious lack of clean water. I would like to say that this borehole is going to help the community to access clean water,” she said.

Young Women for Economic Development national chairperson Cde Tatenda Mavetera said:

“We need to understand that water has become scarce and because of the scarcity, we really want to applaud His Excellency Dr Mnangagwa for making sure that there is water in Epworth. If a woman gets water, that means life becomes easier for them.”

Zanu PF Women’s League chairperson for Harare province Cde Ratidzo Mukarati applauded the President for coming up with the borehole drilling initiative in different communities to ensure that people receive safe and clean water.

Cde Zalerah Makari, Zanu PF National Assembly candidate for Epworth said, “We are working on Epworth to become a town so water is critical to achieving that. We are happy that Young Women for Economic Development has donated two boreholes and now the local people have clean and safe water to drink.”

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